The most immersive teambuilding experience

Who takes charge, steps back or thrives under pressure? Who does the group gravitate to?

Host your next corporate or team building event at award winning Fox in a Box, London's most immersive escape rooms. With over 30 locations globally, Fox in a Box is well established and equipped to provide the best possible experience for your group.

Trip Advisor, May 2021

Took the team to Fox in a Box for some fun, but also a team building exercise. Brilliant experience. The team had an amazing time, but also gained some great insights as to how we perform as a team. So, we’re coming back next month. Big thanks to all the team for the hospitality. Brilliant experience. Fox in a Box review.


Trip Advisor, May 2021

Took the team to Fox in a Box for some fun, but also a team building exercise. Brilliant experience. The team had an amazing time, but also gained some great insights as to how we perform as a team. So, we’re coming back next month. Big thanks to all the team for the hospitality. Brilliant experience.


Trip Advisor, November 2021

Went with a work group and we did the Prison Break room in 2 teams racing against each other. Very fun room, and at a good difficulty level that was challenging but achievable. I liked the ambience of the room and the guides. Everyone came away happy with the experience!


Trip Advisor, April 2022

2021 I took our team of 14 for a team-building and end of quarter celebration. It was a great night, the team was brilliant and the games were incredibly fun and entertaining.


Trip Advisor, Nov 2021

Booked prison break for our startup 5 years anniversary. Everyone loved it, loads of fun and thrill. Amazing teamwork and immersive enigma design. Staff were super nice and added to the experience! Highly recommended.


Trip Advisor, Dec 2019

This is my second review. First time it was the mobile escape room. This time I took my team to Fox in a Box for our bootcamp. Brilliant team building. What stood out is not just the escape rooms, but Mr Fox’s Garage a cool space for our meeting. Hospitality brilliant. Food was amazing. Great job. Big thanks.

Fox in a Box provides the ultimate team building activity.

Escape rooms are brilliant fun. But they are also brilliant opportunities to build, develop and assess. The root of an escape game is playfulness, with two key components: problem-solving and creativity – no matter the organisation, these two things are crucial. 

Is someone in your team lacking confidence and not putting themselves forward? Maybe not taking the initiative on a task? Or is someone being over directive? All these elements will be highlighted in the escape room experience, which provides a realistic snapshot of how a group of people behave during a team activity, whether they are possible candidates, a new team, or a group of established leaders. You will be able to support them identify their strengths and weaknesses, so they can put into practice new techniques and success strategies. 

Fox in a Box provides a great opportunity to have fun whilst exploring some key organisational issues, all for a surprisingly affordable cost. Our packages offer a combination of escape room experiences and facilitated workshops, all developed to meet your specific learning needs, so whether you’re just looking for lots of fun to celebrate a great month or you’re looking to develop the team so you can have a better one – we’ve got the package for you.

At Fox in a Box, corporate team building is just the tip of the iceberg; and having teamed up with some of the leading minds in learning and development we have the power to give individuals a better understanding of self, develop effective and harmonious teams and as a result change the overall trajectory of organisations.

Learning Objectives

Have fun and bring your team back together in an exciting, creative, and beneficial way. Find out who takes charge, steps back or thrives under pressure? Who does the group gravitate to? With teamwork at its core, escape rooms are a great way to develop teams and boost morale. After completing the escape room, participants will use the opportunity to:

  • Gain more insight into how colleagues’ function and the potential areas for collaboration and conflict 
  • Develop a blueprint for high performing teams
  • Action planning for individual and collective behavioural and system changes 


The benefits of strategic thinking are numerous. Strategic thinking is optimised when teams are in a stimulating environment, with space to get creative. Fox in a Box offers just this! Team players will show their ability to plan, their efficiency, demonstrate their strengths, all to find the most direct path toward achieving their objective – to escape.


Completing any mission requires great leadership.  Escape rooms are no exception.  During the escape room experience, leadership teams have the opportunity to have some fun, and drill down into their direction and impact. Working in a high-pressure, timed environment will bring any future stars to the fore – whilst equally providing existing leaders a chance to build on their management skills. 


Escape rooms provide an opportunity to see your candidates in action, allowing them to demonstrate both problem-solving skills and other behaviours, so you get a real sense of how aligned candidates are to the behaviours you are looking for. During the planning process, we will engage in understanding the skills and behaviours you are seeking, and we will then develop assessment criteria for our expert facilitators to match against observed behaviours.

Our USP’s.

Our whole team building escape room suite is designed with corporates in mind. We offer an adrenaline filled learning experience where you will be able to observe your teams working together under pressure and see how they perform against a real time deadline.

In order to create a completely unique team building experience, we’re excited to partner with AKD Solutions, an award-winning, global learning and development consultancy for the facilitation aspect.

They design and deliver creative learning experiences. They believe there is brilliance in every person and organisation. Their mission is to stimulate brilliance in your people and your organisation, through transformational learning.

Their approach is based on their ethos that ‘people learn more when they are having fun’, so there was an immediate synergy. They have built their reputation as a training provider on developing creative training programmes and courses that push the boundaries, cultivate collaboration and nurture personal and professional growth.

With AKD, we have the facilities to record the escape room experience, review players and host post game sessions with expert facilitators; it’s in these sessions we can explore the team dynamics displayed in the escape room and how they’re reflected in the workplace.

They have a team of world-class training facilitators and developers, who have the relevant experience and expertise to deliver transformational learning experiences. Together, we promise you a unique mix of laughter, key team building skills, coupled with great facilitation, learning plus an insightful feedback session afterwards… for an incredibly low investment.


Gain more insight into how colleagues’ function and the potential areas for collaboration and conflict


Develop a blueprint for high performing teams


Action planning for individual and collective behavioural and system changes 

We are available for corporate bookings and exclusive hire events Monday to Friday from 9:30 am - 9:30 pm

For more information or to discuss a bespoke package to suit your needs give us a call on 020 8038 7787 or email us

Which of ourpackagesworks for you?

Option 1

This package consists of a thrilling 60 minute game in an escape themed room; typically aimed at teams that are looking to have a lot of fun with only a morning or afternoon out.

Option 2

This is a combined package consisting of any combination of the escape rooms, room hire of our colourful and creative meeting space and lunch and/or dinner. Typically for teams looking for a longer, more in depth and immersive team session e.g. a workshop, presentation or meeting followed by the escape rooms and lunch.

Option 3

This is our most structured package aimed at ambitious teams who are focused on identifying and improving team dynamics and performance. It will comprise of everything that is included in Option 2, as well as benefiting from AKD’s creative learning and development solutions. Key moments of the escape room will be recorded and then participants will have a facilitated post game session where they will explore the team dynamics.

escape rooms

Our team building escape room in London suite boasts four escape rooms and a meeting room, all of which can be exclusively hired for your corporate and team building activity.

We have dedicated Game Masters and events staff to ensure everything runs smoothly. Each escape room has up to 8 cameras, microphones, and speakers so our Game Masters will be watching and guiding you should you need support. With prior arrangements members of HR departments can sit and watch their team in action.

Choose whether your teams will endure the amazing experience of escaping the Zodiac Killer, or will they have to break out of our harsh Prison Break or Head to Head prison escape experiences. Or will you make it their mission to save the world by deactivating a nuclear launch in the Bunker?

Teams start with an escape room to get ready and energised. After this it's entirely up to - they can enter a facilitated session focused on helping the team to meet their planning objectives, use the rest of the day to complete a specific task, or they can do a second escape room, to let off steam.

Prison Break image

Prison Break

Zodiac Killer image

Zodiac Killer

Head to Head image

Head to Head

Bunker image


What you need to know

Frequently asked


Getting Started

Q: Are there accessibility concerns on-site?

A: Our premises have been designed with wheelchair users in mind. The main reception area is wheelchair accessible as is our Bunker room, meaning that everyone can experience the game fully. Pregnant women can also fully enjoy our games as they are not physically challenging. There are some fear factors within Zodiac killer however these can be eliminated if requested Please be aware, for Zodiac Killer, there are elements within the game which require players to fit through confined spaces (approx. 60 cm width x 115 cm length), some players may struggle to fit through this space. However, if you have any serious medical issues which need to be brought to our attention, please inform your games master prior to your game starting.



Q: Is there a size limit on bookings?

A: We can accommodate groups of up to 40 people, making it perfect for larger teams.



Q: Which of the Escape Rooms are available for our booking?

A: For the on-site package, both of our two Prison Break rooms are part of the full package which includes an intensive look at the how your team performed inside. Our other two rooms: Bunker and Zodiac Killer, are also available but aren't fitted with the recording capabilities of the Prison Break rooms. With regards to Virtual Bookings, the only available room is the Virtual Bunker.

Got a question? Get in touch

If you would like to enquire about making a corporate booking, please email us and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Please provide as much of the following information as possible: