Great for Team Building

Listening to others, attention to detail, task delegation, time management, problem solving skills... are we talking about the core values of Team Building or Escape Rooms? The answer is both.

We’re excited to partner with AKD Solutions, an award-winning, global learning and development consultancy. We promise you a unique mix of laughter, team bonding, key team building skills, coupled with great facilitation, learning plus an insightful feedback session afterwards. 

Who takes charge? Who steps back? Who thrives under pressure? Who do the group rally around? Our rooms have proven to be excellent ways to gain valuable insight on the mannerisms and behaviour of groups and individuals in a pressured environment. With our Corporate packages your team will be able to not only enjoy the initial experience but truly grow and learn from the deeper intricacies of their actions both individually and collectively. 

Have a look at what we offer and how we can help you and your team come together stronger. 


The pandemic changed the way we work and has impacted people and teams differently.

How do we keep remote teams connected, energised and aligned without bringing them together in the same space? In a Virtual Escape Room!

Faced with the threat of a nuclear attack and a one-hour window, teams have to work swiftly and effectively to Save the World. This is a dynamic and exhilarating virtual experience which provides great insights into:

  • Working together

  • Decision making

  • Communication

  • Dealing with pressure

  • Leadership

Afterwards (if the teams have survived!), we give them space to reflect. They receive feedback and, with a facilitator, work out how they will use the team building experience to make improvements moving forward.  

No matter where you are in the world, whether you’re a large or a small group, we have a team building package that can suit the needs of you and your team.